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Attack Of The Nerds: January 2006

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

PodcasterCon Session!!!

Our longest episode yet!!! Well, technically, it wasn't really an episode, just our session we did at PodcasterCon. The voices may be a little blured at times, but hey, we were recording on iTalk, so give us a break. We talked about teens in podcasting, with only about 4 other people, yeah major crowd there. But it passed the time and went really well, considering we didn't prepare for it at all.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

PodcasterCon N.C.

Well, I have two words to describe the PodcasterCon.....ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!! We were the youngest podcasters there and we got interviewed by a ton of people. The Mac Pro Podcast was one of them, very good podcast by the way. Mac Pro Podcast That is their website and I encourage all of you who want a great tech podcast to subscribe to this. We will also put some of the audio up from some of the sessions in our next podcast. Infact, one of our own sessions about teens in podcasting will be in the next show!

Friday, January 06, 2006

We've Arrived!

We've finally come into North Carolina, after about 7 hours, of absolute boredom. Mostly playing Gamecube, and listening to our iPods. PodcasterCon tomorrow, and we will (unexpectedly) be making a presentation about Teen Podcasting. (We don't think anybody will show up, but hopefully we'll have somewhat of an audience.) We will have pictures and our audio of our session in our next podcast.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Episode 5 On iTunes

Alright. Episode 5 is now on iTunes. We explored the world of Madonna's Confess Line, and made up our own. Oh! One of our listeners (who completely messed up our chat with Christina Curry) asked us to mention her. Her name is Mairi Beckett, and her AIM Screen Name is "Looks Can Kill33." The PodcastCon in North Carolina is coming up!!! We will be sure to give the inside look at that when we get back. We will be podcasting on a PowerBook G4, not Kevin's crappy iMac G3, so we will finally have some advanced technology!!!
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